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Reckless love is killing me,
intriguing me like cat thyme.
Boy I think about you all the time,
XL cock-tail on my mind.
When I see you - all I wanna do is eat bananas - suck you like ananas, put a finger in your... [monkey scream]
We can be a smoothie of the greatest earth desire,
PFM, you're lookin' Friday, come on baby light my fire!
Some of us just like it hot, ttiwdty on the spot.
Damn! You're luscious, naughty, mellow,
hear my juicy monkey bellow!


[barking dogs, cats and screaming monkeys]

Say my name, say it loud,
do you like to go deep down? - downtown -  and drown in area 51?
Satisfy my appetite, with somethin' that will make me burst,
play your cards right, work it hard,
don't let bunnybutt get marred.
Let this bangin' hottie shake it for you like a yo-yo,
free the reins of your horse, Romeo of the Rodeo.
If you're not a vagitarian go-go with YOLO,
pillow prince, you'll end up pillow humping solo dolo.

[barking dogs, cats and screaming monkeys]

I'm not in mood for acapella,
hope you're not a Cinderfella,
Dum spiro spero, I'm tired of playing DJ Hero.
We can sing-along a Disney song,
come correct, all night long,
Be my Simba, pet my cat, make it purr with no regrets.
Hottie with a naughty body, do I see u catching wood?
Do me good, like you should.
I'm the queen bee in the hood.
Bad ass mother fucking savage - bird of passage - bird of paradise.
Comin' atcha with my rhymes,
pump it up for this device!

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