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Fictions We´re Made Of

Filmhuset Facklan, Kungsbacka 8-31 October 2021.

Artproject and Installation consisting of 8 large scale posters and 6 standees presented in the windows of the abandoned cinema Facklan at the square in Kungsbacka.

Technique: Photography, digital painting and graphic design on paper and cartonage.
The project was made possible thanks to generous financial support by

1. Projektstöd till Kulturutveckling from Region Halland.

2. Projektbidrag from Kungsbacka Kommun.

3. Produktionsstöd from GIBCA Extended, Röda Sten.

The project was part of the program for GIBCA Extended as well as the national art-week Konstens Vecka (v.40).


The idea behind Fictions We´re Made Of was to bring to life movie-posters for movies that don´t exist but that potentially could have been made at the west-coast of Sweden. We have been inspired by different genres such as rom-com, horror, action or drama and tried to make our own versions of posters for narratives that could bring fame and glory to sleepy small towns in Sweden that rarely shine on the world map. When we planned this project, we reached out to people that lives in Halland and asked them if they have some ideas for movie-narratives both personal or stories taken from local media that they thought could make great movies and we recieved a lot of answers with good ideas. It was also important for us to invite people from different groups in the society both when it comes to age and gender, but also to give voice to people that are new in Sweden and are just building their root-system as well as portraiting people with different functionalities. That way we tried to shine a small light on inclusive aesthetic. This project is both humoristic and hopeful with a message that says that epic dreams and narratives are possible everywhere!

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