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Combi Cats is an art-pop duo from Sweden consisting of visual artists Kordian and Diana Rönnberg.

Their work spans a wide range of expressive forms including music, video works, performance, text, objects and installations.


The artists play with today's symbiotic relationship between art and popular culture, where the lines between what is considered high and low, beautiful and ugly, are increasingly blurred. Their works play seamlessly with kitschy glittery sexuality, Catholic symbols, costume parties and the eminent icons of the art world. Who decides what is "good" art and what esthetics are embarrassing?

Combi Cats tackles these questions with a carnivalesque trickster energy that is animistic, boundless, lighthearted, raw and bold.


Combi Cats has participated in the following festivals and events: Songs are Spells - solo exhibition   in Kungsbacka Konsthall, Mozart's Ghost at Göteborgs Konsthall, We Are All Made of Stars in Växjö Konsthall, Kino Lato in Gdansk City Gallery, PopPorn7 in São Paulo, Interference Festival in European Solidarity Center in Gdansk, In / Out 8, IN / Out 9 in the Center of Contemporary Art CSW Łaźnia, Gdansk, Stockholm Fringe Festival, artvideoKOELN- Audio-Visual-Experiences in Cologne etc.

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